Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pink Wednesday & Cotton Candy Feelings

It's Wednesday!!!
My variation for pink Wednesday this week, is brought to you by my girly in love heart haha! I literally have felt like the biggest dreamer the past few days, its funny how boys can do that to a girl! Anyway! So here is my fun Pink Wednesday mani :)
This was my first time experimenting with the Sally Hansen nail art pen, which I found annoying to use at first. Since it was new the polish wasn't flowing out thick, and I had to go over the designs a few times before they even became opaque. It was quite discouraging and also caused some flooding in the designs. :( I added some Swarovski rhinestones for sparkle...and quite frankly because there was absolutely no way I could hand paint little designs using my left hand!
So my right hand just got a ton of different bling added to it :P But I do love the contrast between the two hands, my left hand is all girly and drawn and my right hand is just like a rock star lol Reminds me of Taylor Swift a bit!
Here's everything that was used (SV isn't pictured) Sinful Colors Pink Forever; Orly pink glitter (no name); OPI Princesses Rule; Essence You Belong To me; Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in white
I actually met up with my friend Jess at Starbucks and we caught up on life and she watched me paint my nails lol
She captured the moment for all you guys :) haha, we definitely left Starbucks smelling like a nail salon, whoopsies!
The work space haha I love spending time with good friends and nail polish! And after our lovely time at Starbucks I got to meet up with my man for a perfect end to my evening <3

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