Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lights and Sirens missing my man

Today Josh is working again :( But before I get to that let me recap on our awesome day yesterday: it was amazing. Best part was getting cuddles all night long! I win :) Anyway, so since Josh was working today I figured it was the perfect time to try my new ICE Siren nail polish! I loved the formula, and used two coats. I then stamped Color Club Hey Gorgeous over it :) and finished it off with a coat of SV..
so Josh worked today as a paramedic at a pretty busy station. The guy that normally cooks dinner for him was not going to be in today-so I almost too happily offered to cook for him. I did, and was about to leave my house when he texted me to let me know he had to go out on a call..he got back an hour later and told me to come, and I did, I saw him for a total of 3 minutes before he got another call and had to go be a hero. I'm so incredibly proud of him, even though I miss him like crazy! (photo borrowed from Alex_English flickr)
Here are the polishes I used, sorry for the crappy lighting, my camera battery was dying :(

One last thing, Josh and I were keeping our relationship pretty low key for a few reasons, but finally made it facebook official tonight, I call that winning <3

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