Saturday, October 22, 2011

Katy Perry Nails for Halloween

SO! I'm blogging to you from my man's house today :) I had to use his reading light for my pictures haha, sorry!! Tonight is the Fire Fighter Monster Bash party, and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! I'm super excited because I made my own Katy Perry costume and it looks fierce! :D Anyway! To accompany my Katy perry Cupcake bra, I went with a layered pink mani! I started off with two coats of Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Bubblegum Pink, this color alone is gorgeous! I wish I had gotten a picture of it before I started layering the glitter :( I'll so a swatch some time soon, I promise!
After the Sally Hansen, I layed two coats of Wet'n'Wild Hannah Pinktana, which is also another STUNNING polish! It's a pink small holo and I love it. It's one of my all time favorite polishes in my collection :) But still, I was going for the Katy Perry Glitter Everywhere effect, which led me to put a layer of my unnamed Bon Bon pink holo on top! I finished off the mani with a top of SV :)
While driving back to Josh's house on my way from picking up my costume at my place, I couldn't help but almost crash as I admired my pretty sparkley nails :D I took a picture with my phone so you guys could see just how sparkley this mani truly is!
Then, I made a pit stop at Walgreens because I realized I had forgotten my bobby pins at home-fail. I need them for my wig tonight! And on my way to check out I just happened to catch sight of the new Limited Edition at Walgreens Exclusively Wet'n'Wild Collection, I picked up one of the polishes in Diamond in the Rough. It was hard not to snatch up all 8 of the polishes, but I have put myself on a strict No-Buy for awhile :(
Here's a sneak peek of my costume for tonight! I took this pic using my webcam earlier in the week to show Ryan part of my costume that he helped me create!

Friday, October 21, 2011

the Woes of a teacher's nails

I'm sorry for my lack of updating lately :( It's so hard to find time lately to update you guys on my new awesome mani's because, well because I teach second grade and when I paint my nails in the morning, in the afternoon when I get a chance to actually photograph them...then end up looking like the picture above :(
Anyway! This is one of my Butter nail polishes in Wallis. I LOVE this color!!! It's like a gorgeous olive green/black. Its phenomenal!!! This is with 3 coats, plus a top coat of SV.
I'm very pleased with my Butter polishes! I'll be redoing my nails tonight to match my costume for the fire fighter costume party tomorrow, here's a hint of what you can look forward to:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sweet Sunday Moments

It's been one heck of a rainy weekend here, and Josh worked again today, so I had a lot of time to stay inside and get some work done for my classroom, and of course...on my nails! I was looking through my nail polish collection wondering if I should paint my nails before seeing Josh tonight and I decided that I should just do it! I've been using a lot of bland fall colors recently and I needed something bright and cheery for such a rainy day. I busted out my Color Club Starry Temptress boxed set that I got at Ross a while ago but never used. I chose to use Space Case-and I love the color!
It's a really pale neon pink, think bubble yum gum color. This is the only color in the collection that also has a soft shimmer of iridescent shimmer to accompany the holographic sparkle. I used 3 coats of Space Case, two coats was really sufficient but I wanted to make the color pop, so I added a third coat. The polish dried in a weird almost matte finish and the glitter is not too noticeable, which made me a bit sad to see...
but thats when I added the AMAZING Starry Temptress topcoat!! And boy oh boy does this sparkle polish really get the dazzle on there. I have never used a glitter polish that actually PUTS glitter on your nail. In one swipe of the brush my entire nail would be covered in a perfect coat of glitter.
I finished off the mani with a coat of SV to give it that signature glassy shine that I love!
I've had a lot of time the past few days to reflect on some things, like my relationship with Josh. And the quote above describes how I feel about my relationship perfectly. I got to visit him today at the fire station for a few hours. We sat and talked to the other firefighters and medic for a bit, and I couldn't help but stare at him. Not in a weird creepy stalker type of way, but looking at him is mesmerizing to me. I just love him, so much.

So after I saw Josh, I met up with a dear friend of mine, Heather, at Applebees and we girl chatted for a few hours! It was a ton of fun, and always is with her. She's a super good friend of mine...and the best part is, I totally got her into nail polish!! haha! she just bought her first OPI polish, I'm so proud I could cry <3

Hot off the Press! Newspaper Mani

Josh picked up a shift at work yesterday, which gave me some unexpected time to what did I do?? Searched youtube for fun nail polish videos! One of my favorite nail enthusiasts to watch is Cute Polish. She does the most amazing, cute and quirky nail designs :) I've seen the news paper mani done before, but after watching a quick video on it, I decided to give it a shot!
I used one of my unnamed Color Club minis from a set that I picked up at ross a little while ago. I wish this color had a name because it is such a sweet gray/lavender. It was pretty sheer so I had to apply 3 coats to get it to a nice opaque finish. I made the mistake of putting a thin coat of SV on it before I started to apply the newspaper. Doing this caused the news paper print to transfer really lightly :( I know for next time to not apply a top coat before doing the transfer! I finished off the mani with a coat of SV to protect the news print from rubbing off.
This picture captured the color of the polish super well. It's a great fall color, and one that I would use again some time soon! :)
ALSO! some exciting news! My new nail plates arrived yesterday from Born Pretty!!! I received 16 image plates!! ahhh so excited!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Classy Halloween Mani & Julep Polish

Last night I finally had a moment to breathe and decided to try to do a tape mani using my new Julep nail polishes! I became a Julep Maven 2 months ago (I'll post about that later!) and just received my second package from them on Wednesday! I'm writing this while my students are at lunch, and I entirely forgot to bring my polishes with me to get their names :( But anyway..
This was my first time using my Julep polishes. I was impressed with their quality, they gave a nice opaque cover in just one coat :) I used two coats of the gray polish (I'll update the name when I get home!) Pictured above is Julep polish without a top coat, you can see the nice sheen this polish has!
Then I couldn't decide if I wanted to keep my nails glossy, so I painted my right hand with my Hard Candy Matte top coat :) And I quite like the look of the mani matte :)

I Absolutely LOVE the red gel glitter polish, it's called Brooklyn and the only reason I remember that is because I fell in love with the name before I even saw the polish haha! Overall I am super happy with the way Julep nail polishes go on. They provide a good smooth application and leave your nails looking extremely fresh and sexy for the fall season :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Enchanted to meet you Pink Wednesday

Inspired by Taylor Swift (yes for the second time this week!!) I am presenting my Enchanted to meet you mani. Josh and I had a cute conversation the other day, about the first time we met each other. It's an ironic story and I won't go into detail but basically we talked, for a long time, and I knew that I loved him after that very first conversation, and turns out he confessed to feeling the same. Ha! And I know it's true since he mentioned it first :)

Anyway, so I used 2 coats of Ulta's Material Girl, for my accent finger, I used one coat of CG Snow Cap-because it's sparkley and pretty. I topped my mani off with 2 coats of SV. The Ulta polish is extremely glittery and I like that about it. It's very feminine, but also professional. I give this polish a thumbs up!
In closing, I love this mani I think it looks super cute. This was my first time using my Ulta polish and it was a little bit thick, and a bit messy because of it. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

All Your Life inspired Mani

One of my favorite things about Josh is his Southern charm. I'm not exactly sure why, but he always makes me feel "free" like the American dream type free. Did that make any sense? haha, I'm not sure! Anyway, he started to get me into country music, and to ease into the the transition, I started to listen to one of the more pop country bands that I liked the most, the Band Perry. Their music video for the song "All Your Life" always inspires me to be creative.
When I was listening to it this morning I knew that I had to create a mani based off of it. I used my *brand* new Color Club Love 'Em Leave 'Em holographic polish. I LOVE IT! I used two coats of it, and one coat would have been enough! It's the perfect amount of sparkle, and the perfect shade of country tan. I topped it off with a thin coat of SV for the glassy shine.
Just look at all the holographic sparkle in the sun light!! LOOK AT IT! ^^^
In all, this is probably my new favorite go-to color for fall. I love the simplicity, yet girl-yness of the polish. Color Club is definitely my top polish company at the moment :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


So! Yesterday, I got to have the most perfect morning with my good friend & fellow polish addict Karen! (she also has a polish blog right HERE) We met up at Starbucks to enjoy the first warm drink of the fall season together :) and that's where the magic happened and we traded our polishes!
These are the beautiful polishes that Karen swapped with me: (left to right) Orly Pixie Dust, OPI A-Rose at Dawn..Broke By Noon, Zoya Tallulah, OPI I'm India Mood for Lovin, and Finger Paints Go Van Gough! I absolutely LOVE all these colors and can't wait to use them!!
After Starbucks, Karen and I headed over to Ulta and then Bed Bath and Beyond to get a little polish shopping in. Ulta is having super great deals right now on polishes plus they have a $5 off coupon!! Above is Karen at BB&B picking out some new Sinful Colors polishes!! We had a blast together lol, especially when I spotted two of the coveted Color Club holographic polishes, to which I shouted "it's holographic? IT'S HOLOGRAPHIC!" and promptly scooped them up!
I scored Color Clubs two holographic polishes Love em & Leave em, and Fashion Addict!!
Ulta was having a clearance sale on their old style polishes and I scored this beauty for $2! Ulta salon polish in Set The Nude
On my way to check out I spotted these in a new Essence display for their new collection. So I scooped up 2 of the 3 polish colors in: Gagalectric, and Prism@tic White. They look promising, I can't wait to give them a try :)
And last of my haul is 3 new Sally Hansen Xtreme wear polishes (since they were buy 2 get 1 free at Ulta) in Bubblegum Pink, Grey Area, and Ivy League!

Wonderstruck Mani

I heard about the new Taylor Swift perfume on the radio a few weeks ago, and the DJ made it sound amazing. I knew that I had to get s sniff of it, as if by fate, that day in the mail my copy of Instyle arrived, with an add for Taylor Swifts new Wonderstruck perfume...I eagerly unfolded the ad and took a big wiff, my nose was in love!! It smelled like vanilla and marshmallows with a hint of cranberry. As fast as I could I went online and ordered myself a bottle.
Which finally arrived from Sephora on Thursday, which in turn inspired my Wonderstruck Mani! I used two coats of OPI DS Elegance. Which is by far one of my most prized polishes in my collection. I've had it since my sophomore year of college when I was going through sorority recruitment :) I still believe it's this nail polish that got me my bid for Chi Omega! :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boots and Boys Bandana Nails

Inspired by my redneck (and I mean that with all my love) of a boyfriend, and listening to Ke$ha's song Boots and Boys, I decided to go for a Southern girl bandana mani! :) I love the way it came out, I got a few compliments on it already, but mostly I like it because it reminds me of my man! ha!
I used two coats of OPI Suede in a bleu jeans color (the color tab fell off :( ) and Sinful Colors white to stamp! I finished the mani off with two coats of SV. I used my new Konad plate to stamp it :)
Josh's work in progress.....need I say more about how exactly he inspired my mani? and yes, I stole this picture off his facebook page. He just got a new off road bumper for it and he's pretty excited, also since this picture he's put a roof rack on it, and his mom and I agree that it looks like Nigel Thornberry's truck from the Wild Thornberrys! ha <3
Also, Josh came to my second grade class to talk to them about being a paramedic on Fire Safety Day on Thursday. For a writing activity, I had the students write about their favorite part of fire safety day, one of my students drew this picture of Josh, which I think is too adorable!!