Saturday, October 22, 2011

Katy Perry Nails for Halloween

SO! I'm blogging to you from my man's house today :) I had to use his reading light for my pictures haha, sorry!! Tonight is the Fire Fighter Monster Bash party, and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! I'm super excited because I made my own Katy Perry costume and it looks fierce! :D Anyway! To accompany my Katy perry Cupcake bra, I went with a layered pink mani! I started off with two coats of Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Bubblegum Pink, this color alone is gorgeous! I wish I had gotten a picture of it before I started layering the glitter :( I'll so a swatch some time soon, I promise!
After the Sally Hansen, I layed two coats of Wet'n'Wild Hannah Pinktana, which is also another STUNNING polish! It's a pink small holo and I love it. It's one of my all time favorite polishes in my collection :) But still, I was going for the Katy Perry Glitter Everywhere effect, which led me to put a layer of my unnamed Bon Bon pink holo on top! I finished off the mani with a top of SV :)
While driving back to Josh's house on my way from picking up my costume at my place, I couldn't help but almost crash as I admired my pretty sparkley nails :D I took a picture with my phone so you guys could see just how sparkley this mani truly is!
Then, I made a pit stop at Walgreens because I realized I had forgotten my bobby pins at home-fail. I need them for my wig tonight! And on my way to check out I just happened to catch sight of the new Limited Edition at Walgreens Exclusively Wet'n'Wild Collection, I picked up one of the polishes in Diamond in the Rough. It was hard not to snatch up all 8 of the polishes, but I have put myself on a strict No-Buy for awhile :(
Here's a sneak peek of my costume for tonight! I took this pic using my webcam earlier in the week to show Ryan part of my costume that he helped me create!

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  1. Love the costume! Oh, and the nails. Have fun tonight. :-)