Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sweet Sunday Moments

It's been one heck of a rainy weekend here, and Josh worked again today, so I had a lot of time to stay inside and get some work done for my classroom, and of course...on my nails! I was looking through my nail polish collection wondering if I should paint my nails before seeing Josh tonight and I decided that I should just do it! I've been using a lot of bland fall colors recently and I needed something bright and cheery for such a rainy day. I busted out my Color Club Starry Temptress boxed set that I got at Ross a while ago but never used. I chose to use Space Case-and I love the color!
It's a really pale neon pink, think bubble yum gum color. This is the only color in the collection that also has a soft shimmer of iridescent shimmer to accompany the holographic sparkle. I used 3 coats of Space Case, two coats was really sufficient but I wanted to make the color pop, so I added a third coat. The polish dried in a weird almost matte finish and the glitter is not too noticeable, which made me a bit sad to see...
but thats when I added the AMAZING Starry Temptress topcoat!! And boy oh boy does this sparkle polish really get the dazzle on there. I have never used a glitter polish that actually PUTS glitter on your nail. In one swipe of the brush my entire nail would be covered in a perfect coat of glitter.
I finished off the mani with a coat of SV to give it that signature glassy shine that I love!
I've had a lot of time the past few days to reflect on some things, like my relationship with Josh. And the quote above describes how I feel about my relationship perfectly. I got to visit him today at the fire station for a few hours. We sat and talked to the other firefighters and medic for a bit, and I couldn't help but stare at him. Not in a weird creepy stalker type of way, but looking at him is mesmerizing to me. I just love him, so much.

So after I saw Josh, I met up with a dear friend of mine, Heather, at Applebees and we girl chatted for a few hours! It was a ton of fun, and always is with her. She's a super good friend of mine...and the best part is, I totally got her into nail polish!! haha! she just bought her first OPI polish, I'm so proud I could cry <3


  1. That's my favorite from that collection! I love bubblegum pink polish :)

  2. thanks ladies!!! it's my favorite color too!! :)