Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pink Wednesday Almond Kiss Cookies

A few days ago I posted about hanging out with my good friend Nia, and how we baked cookies to help me make a good impression on my mans family. Let me tell you, making a good impression to Josh's family was very very important to me. I really wanted to gain their approval, and happiness for Josh over our budding relationship :) To accomplish this...Nia and I baked one hell of a batch of cookies!!
We looked through a new cookie book that I picked up at Michaels that has all the top Taste of Home cookie recipes in it. We decided on the Almond Kiss Cookies, because they looked elegant but would also appeal to a variety of taste buds :) There's Nia above, getting ready to bake up a storm!
I think our finished cookies look exactly like the image in the book! haha :) His family really enjoyed the cookies, at least they said they liked them, at least if they didn't they were kind enough to save my feelings :)
Here's us mid-cookie progress, taking a break from watching Walk The Line (we LOVE Joaquin Phoenix!) The dough had to chill for an hour, and in this time we thought we would clean out some old polish bottles to make some Franken polishes for our next hang out date! It was a funny disaster, polish ended up spilling ALL over my kitchen, and my pretty mani that I created for Josh's family, I was so upset that my mani was destroyed that I didn't notice the bright red nail polish staining the sink hahaha, Nia was swift to action and nail polish removered all the spills :)
We had to unwrap each Hershey Kiss individually, and ate all the ones that weren't perfect, only the best for my mans family!! haha, We definitely had an awesome time baking, and best yet Nia also loves nail polish!!! We are going to start doing a weekly partner blog post about our polishes :P Stay on the look out for it!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pink Wednesday & the L Word

It's Wednesday! That means pink polish :) and a chance to try out my new pretties!!! I used 4coats of Color Club Vintage Couture, it is a very sheer pigment, and it took about 4 coats to get all the brush strokes out.. I topped it with two coats of the new Wen n-Wild Hannah Pinktana, which is a really soft small holo. and I LOVE IT! I tried to capture the sparkle in the polish in the picture above (sorry for the yellowish tone to the photographs tonight, my camera was having a hard time with my white focus :( )
Here's the pink dynamic duo! I love the way Hannah Pinktana went on, it was extremely creamy, and it put a nice even coat of the holo on each nail :) I'm pleasantly pleased with this polish!! I can't wait to go back to Walgreens and pick up the rest of this new collection :)
Here's just a comparison picture of the plain Color Club polished nails vs. the wet n' wild holo coated nails. I tried to get a good image to show just how awesome the Hannah Pinktana polish is! I stamped my nails using Kleancolor Metallic Black and my BM cheetah print plate!

I know you guys probably think I am insane for posting this blog at 2 in the morning, knowing that I have to be up at 6:30, for a full day of internship/emt work until 10pm. But, awesome things have been happening in my life. I've spent some amazing quality time with my friend Nia...which I PROMISE to blog about tomorrow, or Thursday as soon as I have the time! But also, I've been spending great time with Josh. As you guys read I met his family on Monday and it was spectacular. I really enjoyed their company and his mom cooked an amazing meal! Since his birthday is on Friday we also did a small celebration with birthday cake :) This boy definitely has me swooning. <3

Sunday, August 28, 2011

the Revvvolution is mine!

*Squee!* I have exciting news for you, I got my hands on Color Club Revvvolution!!! I could hardly believe it when i found it on the shelf in the store! Its simply beautiful!! It goes on so thick and smoothly, that I don't ever want to use another nail polish in my life. Ok that's an over exaggeration haha, But I AM in love with this color! And since I can't leave my manis alone, I had to stamp it to make it super fancy :) I am meeting my boys parents tomorrow for the first time, so I had to have nails that made a good impression, I think I nailed it with this mani for sure!
Look at all the amazing rainbows in this polish!! It is a fantastic small holo, the best I've ever gotten my hands on. :) *drools*
So, I decided to do a quick comparison between Color Club Revvvolution and the Black Poppy polish I found at the mall..Honestly, when the two bottles were held side by side, I was leaning more toward Black Poppy, the holo glitter seemed to glow more!
However...when compared, Revvvolution (on the left) BLOWS Black Poppy (right) out of the water!! Look at how much thicker and holographic the polish truly is, sorry for the blurry picture I was trying to get more of the rainbow in than quality of the photograph :P
For my finished mani I used Color Club Revvvolution and stamped it with Nicole from the Justin Bieber collection, since it's a mini bottle it doesn't have a name printed on it, but it's perfect for stamping! I used BM-205 for the stamping :) Hope you guys like it!! And I hope his parents do too!! I have a ton I would love to blog about, from my exciting night with my friend Nia, but that will have to wait for tomorrow when I'll blog about our cookie baking experience, our Martha Stewartness, and the beginning of our Frankens!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Babysitting & Purple Holo Nails

After my mall haul of polish with my bestie today, I was looking forward to getting to play with my new polishes, but there was a problem, I had to babysit at 5 tonight :( THEN it was like the polish heavens opened up and the family I nanny for, asked me to come at 5:30 instead! YES! that gave me just enough time to switch up my mani and try some new stuff on!
I used my *new* Kleancolor Holo Chrome for this look, I layered 2 coats of it over my mini Nicole by OPI Justin Beiber collection polish, and finished with a top coat of SV.
The name of it escapes me right now, I'm still at my nanny job. But, isn't that little bottle just adorable?
I love the way this polish sparkles, this is my very first time using Kleancolor nail polish and I am extremely impressed with it! It was a nice formula, and went on nice and heavy, I probably did not even need to use base coats of the Nicole by OPI polish, the Kleancolor polish would have easily coated my nails in a nice color. I'll try it alone next time :)
And just for some fun, this is me and the little girl I nanny, we were pretending to be Angry Birds while waiting for the game to reload on my phone...which took around 10 minutes, and to a 7 year old that seems like 2 hours. :)

Polish Haul!!!

Jess and I hadn't had a girls date in awhile, we've both been busy the past week, and it's been a complete bummer! :( BUT! Today, after seeing Josh, I was in dire need of girl time. Jess and I were talking on facebook chat and I was like "I need to go nail polish shopping!" So off we went! We went to a local mall that neither of us had been to in awhile, and we had a blast-as usual-together! haha! Jess FINALLY got American Psycho (lol) and I picked up a copy of Signs (I love Joaquin Phoenix)..SO lets get to the polish!!
Polishes: (top row) Borghese mini polishes Confetti Collection; Hot Topic Glow In the Dark small Holo polish; Klean Color polishes in: Metallic Black, Holo Chrome, and Metallic Fuschia.

(Second row) E.L.F. Polishes in Twinkle, Golden Goddess, and Cranberry; the entire collection of my haul; part of the Color Club pack I found conataining: Space Case, Ultra-Astral, Wink Wink Tinkle, You Got Soul-ar, Glitter Envy, Otherworldly, Starry Tempress Topcoat.

(third row) Hot Topic glow in the dark holo glitter, the color club collection; and my favorite find of the day from Pac Sun Black Poppy (no polish name) with it an awesome black polish with small holo glitter in it!

Also not pictured in the collage above (oops!) is my last polish find, a mini pack of Color Club All About Color polishes:
Jess makes me laugh so hard, whenever I'm buying nail polish with her, she always tells the sales people "she has a blog" hahaha it's so funny. She works at Starbucks and isn't allowed to paint her nails, so when I was browsing polishes she pouts and goes "this makes me want to paint my...toe nails!" :) She's the best!

The collection

I decided that it was time for me to take a good look at my collection of polishes! I sorted them all by color, which was extremely fun to do haha! I'm going to post a few of my color collections throughout my next few blog posts :)
This is what my collection looked like when I first poured it out...a mess! I counted and I believe that I have a total of 108 polishes in that pile! :) It's slowly growing!
here are my favorites, the pinks! I have 18 pinks, and I loveeee them all!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Beginnings.

Well, now that I caught your attention with a snapshot of my nail polish lot, I can be sentimental for a moment! It's the end of summer for me, my LAST summer break ever, and a lot has happened recently in my life. A lot of positive things, and I'd just like to take a moment to reflect on them all.
The best thing that has happened to me this summer was meeting my new, and best friend Jess. She's so amazing (she's on the right in the picture above, and I'm on the left). We met by chance through our mutual friend Chris and we have been inseparable since late June. She has brought so many laughs, memories, and love into my life. We literally can smile about anything, and it's so great having her as my friend. People joke that she's my wife since we are constantly together! :) I wouldn't have it any other way, she's such a positive influence in my life. Jess, thank you for making this summer fantastic for me. I couldn't have had the summer of my life without you <3
Besides my new BFF Jess, I also managed to snag myself a super great guy, Josh. He has really been the light in my life recently, and I'm not ashamed to say it! ha! Since spending time with Josh I've noticed that I smile a lot more, and I'm just generally happy. It's been awhile since I've felt real happiness all around in my life. I find myself falling for this boy, more every day. He is just a genuinely sweet guy, and those are hard to come by! I'm definitely counting my blessings this summer.

So my summer vacation finally drew to a close, and my last semester of college starts on Monday! 16 weeks until I'm finally done :) I filled out my application for graduation on Wednesday and it was so weird, requesting my diploma, I could hardly believe it! I don't plan on walking at graduation though, but Josh is hopeful that I will change my mind haha.

I decided on a few things that I would like to improve upon in the upcoming months:
  • Staying focused on school, while maintaining relationships with friends and family
  • Less cursing (man do I talk like a sailor!)
  • Better organizational skills for my nail polish
  • Not biting off more than I can chew
  • Remembering to relax (I'm the worlds biggest stresser!)
  • Less procrastination (I'm a huge procrastinator, but at the same time I work my little butt off!)
If I can keep these promises t myself, I'll reward myself with some nice Butter nail polishes Dec 3! haha! Positive reinforcement might just work :)

One last thing! Another great thing that happened this summer was having my big brother move back home. He's in medical school, and luckily was assigned to his clinical rotations in our home town! So he moved back home and will be living here for the next two years for the completion of his medical school. It's great having my big brother close to home again. That's us in the picture below :)

I love Holos!

I was at Forever 21 recently with my best friend, Jess, and saw this AMAZING polish while standing in the check out line! Its a gorgeous plum purple with small holographic glitters!
You can really see the holographic glitter in the bottle in this picture, on the nails the glitter was very sparse :( But it still sparkled in the light! It was hard to capture the glitter with my camera since I took these pictures at night.
I wish that this polish was a bit more sparkley, but it is still a beautiful plum purple!

Golden Tiger

I haven't stamped in what seems like FOREVER! So, I decided to remedy that! I started with my new Nicole by OPI polish Sea How Far You Go, which is a beautiful money green/golden color. I used three coats, then topped with a coat of SV.
I then used Sally Hansen X-Treme wear color in Black out to stamp the zebra print! I used the BM plate from the new collection, plate number 223 :)

Sugar Coated Pink Crackle

So, I was incredibly bored, which I was thoroughly enjoying (haha!) and couldn't decide how I wanted my nails to look :) I started off with two coats of OPI Princesses Rule! Which is a gorgeous powered pink sparkle polish, which was pretty...
....but I wasn't satisfied, so I then coated it with two coats of China Glaze White Cap which is an incredible iridescent sheer glitter...and still bored with the mani, I added OPI Black Shatter!
The winning trio!

Deborah Lippmann Dupe :)

Ok, so it's not really a dupe, more like creative layering! :) I used Essence "You Belong To me" Which is a really pretty cream sky blue, and layered Wet n'Wild "Party of Five Glitters" over it :) Completed the mani with 2 coats of SV!
What do you guys think? I personally adore this combination :)

Blue Marine

Just wanted to post a quick swatch of one of my new favorite polishes! L'Oreal Blue Marine! It's a soft holographic polish in a gorgeoussss aqua blue mixed with sea foam green and purple. It was super hard to capture the iridescence on my camera, but trust me it's stunning :)