Monday, July 16, 2012

Julep Golden Box

 So! I completely forgot to blog about the awesome day that I won a Julep Maven Golden Box! If you'll sit right down, I will tell you about that fateful day! Every month Julep (Click Here to Become a Maven ) sends their Mavens an email letting them know what they can expect in their Maven Box for that month, For the previous few months I had been skipping my Maven Boxes, I was getting a little tired of the collections, I'll admit it. BUT this month, after opening up my email, I decided that I might as well go for the month since there was a chance of winning a Golden Box! A Golden Box is a box filled with the ENTIRE collection of Maven material for that month! (If you are unfamiliar with the Maven system, there are a few different styles of boxes and after taking a short quick Julep will name you a Maven type-  I was named American Beauty. ANYWAY! So, about a week later, I get home from work and to my surprise, see a GOLDEN BOX waiting for me in my room! I totally freaked! I NEVER win anything! And here I was winning a collection worth about $200! WOW! In my box was 11 Julep nail polishes, a cute nail file and a bottle of Julep Elixir. I was, and still am so thrilled that I was chosen as a winner!
Left: Portia, a beautiful sky blue jelly with blue holographic sparkle; Right: Emma, a beautiful pale pink jelly.
Left: Jennifer, a lovely sheer pink polish; Right: Jodie, an awesome deep red with gold shimmer
Left: Sophia, a lime green jelly with green holographic glitter; Right: Natasha, an awesome orange-y red creme.
Left: Brooke, a lovely lavender creme with shimmering purple glitter; Middle: Emma, a sheer pink shimmer; Right: Charlotte, the most perfect lavender creme
Left: Melissa, a daring opalescent shimmer that adds the perfect glow alone or as a top coat; Right: Alicia, the perfect pink coral creme
This stuff is Godly! I put two small drops on my hands every morning and my skin is soft like a baby's bottom!
YAY for nail files...unfortunately I hardly use them...whoops!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer 2012

This isn't going to be my typical blog post...but now that I think of it, are any of my blog posts really typical? I've spent my summer so far doing really wonderful things and growing friendships with some really beautiful people. I've created friendships that I never imagined would bloom. Enough of my rambling, I guess what I am trying to say is you shouldn't take good things for granted. You should spend your time doing the things you and enjoy and making the people you care about happy. My life today is a complete 180 from where I imagined it being a year ago, heck it is a complete 180 from where I imagined it being 6 months ago. 
 If someone had come up to me in January and said, you'll be spending your summer on the beaches of Florida fishing with loved ones-well, lets be honest I would have laughed in their faces-Me fishing? Get real. I hate being hot and muggy, and the thought of spending my nights getting bit up by mosquitoes? That's a big no-thank-you. But, then I tried it. I spent a hot muggy night on the pier with Ryan, and found peace within myself. A feeling that I really hadn't felt for awhile- a long while. So long, in fact, that I didn't even know what the feeling was when I felt it. I felt like crying. I was happy. 
Things that were important to me, or things that I thought were important, really didn't matter all that much anymore. I let go of the things that were weighing me down. I decided that if a person wasn't going to act like my true friend-then they were, in fact, no friend to me. I let them go. I let go of the baggage in my life. Being stressed about things I couldn't control, was just plain dumb. 
If you have a heaviness in your heart, I urge you to step outside, breathe in the summer air, take a good look at the people your surround yourself with, and make positive changes for you. 

Nail polish posts to follow, I promise.