Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pink Wednesday Almond Kiss Cookies

A few days ago I posted about hanging out with my good friend Nia, and how we baked cookies to help me make a good impression on my mans family. Let me tell you, making a good impression to Josh's family was very very important to me. I really wanted to gain their approval, and happiness for Josh over our budding relationship :) To accomplish this...Nia and I baked one hell of a batch of cookies!!
We looked through a new cookie book that I picked up at Michaels that has all the top Taste of Home cookie recipes in it. We decided on the Almond Kiss Cookies, because they looked elegant but would also appeal to a variety of taste buds :) There's Nia above, getting ready to bake up a storm!
I think our finished cookies look exactly like the image in the book! haha :) His family really enjoyed the cookies, at least they said they liked them, at least if they didn't they were kind enough to save my feelings :)
Here's us mid-cookie progress, taking a break from watching Walk The Line (we LOVE Joaquin Phoenix!) The dough had to chill for an hour, and in this time we thought we would clean out some old polish bottles to make some Franken polishes for our next hang out date! It was a funny disaster, polish ended up spilling ALL over my kitchen, and my pretty mani that I created for Josh's family, I was so upset that my mani was destroyed that I didn't notice the bright red nail polish staining the sink hahaha, Nia was swift to action and nail polish removered all the spills :)
We had to unwrap each Hershey Kiss individually, and ate all the ones that weren't perfect, only the best for my mans family!! haha, We definitely had an awesome time baking, and best yet Nia also loves nail polish!!! We are going to start doing a weekly partner blog post about our polishes :P Stay on the look out for it!

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