Sunday, August 28, 2011

the Revvvolution is mine!

*Squee!* I have exciting news for you, I got my hands on Color Club Revvvolution!!! I could hardly believe it when i found it on the shelf in the store! Its simply beautiful!! It goes on so thick and smoothly, that I don't ever want to use another nail polish in my life. Ok that's an over exaggeration haha, But I AM in love with this color! And since I can't leave my manis alone, I had to stamp it to make it super fancy :) I am meeting my boys parents tomorrow for the first time, so I had to have nails that made a good impression, I think I nailed it with this mani for sure!
Look at all the amazing rainbows in this polish!! It is a fantastic small holo, the best I've ever gotten my hands on. :) *drools*
So, I decided to do a quick comparison between Color Club Revvvolution and the Black Poppy polish I found at the mall..Honestly, when the two bottles were held side by side, I was leaning more toward Black Poppy, the holo glitter seemed to glow more!
However...when compared, Revvvolution (on the left) BLOWS Black Poppy (right) out of the water!! Look at how much thicker and holographic the polish truly is, sorry for the blurry picture I was trying to get more of the rainbow in than quality of the photograph :P
For my finished mani I used Color Club Revvvolution and stamped it with Nicole from the Justin Bieber collection, since it's a mini bottle it doesn't have a name printed on it, but it's perfect for stamping! I used BM-205 for the stamping :) Hope you guys like it!! And I hope his parents do too!! I have a ton I would love to blog about, from my exciting night with my friend Nia, but that will have to wait for tomorrow when I'll blog about our cookie baking experience, our Martha Stewartness, and the beginning of our Frankens!

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