Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pink Wednesday & the L Word

It's Wednesday! That means pink polish :) and a chance to try out my new pretties!!! I used 4coats of Color Club Vintage Couture, it is a very sheer pigment, and it took about 4 coats to get all the brush strokes out.. I topped it with two coats of the new Wen n-Wild Hannah Pinktana, which is a really soft small holo. and I LOVE IT! I tried to capture the sparkle in the polish in the picture above (sorry for the yellowish tone to the photographs tonight, my camera was having a hard time with my white focus :( )
Here's the pink dynamic duo! I love the way Hannah Pinktana went on, it was extremely creamy, and it put a nice even coat of the holo on each nail :) I'm pleasantly pleased with this polish!! I can't wait to go back to Walgreens and pick up the rest of this new collection :)
Here's just a comparison picture of the plain Color Club polished nails vs. the wet n' wild holo coated nails. I tried to get a good image to show just how awesome the Hannah Pinktana polish is! I stamped my nails using Kleancolor Metallic Black and my BM cheetah print plate!

I know you guys probably think I am insane for posting this blog at 2 in the morning, knowing that I have to be up at 6:30, for a full day of internship/emt work until 10pm. But, awesome things have been happening in my life. I've spent some amazing quality time with my friend Nia...which I PROMISE to blog about tomorrow, or Thursday as soon as I have the time! But also, I've been spending great time with Josh. As you guys read I met his family on Monday and it was spectacular. I really enjoyed their company and his mom cooked an amazing meal! Since his birthday is on Friday we also did a small celebration with birthday cake :) This boy definitely has me swooning. <3

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