Saturday, August 27, 2011

Polish Haul!!!

Jess and I hadn't had a girls date in awhile, we've both been busy the past week, and it's been a complete bummer! :( BUT! Today, after seeing Josh, I was in dire need of girl time. Jess and I were talking on facebook chat and I was like "I need to go nail polish shopping!" So off we went! We went to a local mall that neither of us had been to in awhile, and we had a blast-as usual-together! haha! Jess FINALLY got American Psycho (lol) and I picked up a copy of Signs (I love Joaquin Phoenix)..SO lets get to the polish!!
Polishes: (top row) Borghese mini polishes Confetti Collection; Hot Topic Glow In the Dark small Holo polish; Klean Color polishes in: Metallic Black, Holo Chrome, and Metallic Fuschia.

(Second row) E.L.F. Polishes in Twinkle, Golden Goddess, and Cranberry; the entire collection of my haul; part of the Color Club pack I found conataining: Space Case, Ultra-Astral, Wink Wink Tinkle, You Got Soul-ar, Glitter Envy, Otherworldly, Starry Tempress Topcoat.

(third row) Hot Topic glow in the dark holo glitter, the color club collection; and my favorite find of the day from Pac Sun Black Poppy (no polish name) with it an awesome black polish with small holo glitter in it!

Also not pictured in the collage above (oops!) is my last polish find, a mini pack of Color Club All About Color polishes:
Jess makes me laugh so hard, whenever I'm buying nail polish with her, she always tells the sales people "she has a blog" hahaha it's so funny. She works at Starbucks and isn't allowed to paint her nails, so when I was browsing polishes she pouts and goes "this makes me want to paint my...toe nails!" :) She's the best!

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