Friday, September 2, 2011

Boyfriend Josh's Birthday & Dying our hair!

I'm finally a brunette again! :) haha, Nia and I decided to go on a hair dying adventure :) I was annoyed with my brown roots growing out, and did not want to rebleach my hair (it awas do damaged from the first dying) :( SO! We picked up box dye from walmart and Ulta and started our adventure!
I used the Perfect 10 color on my hair and Nia used the Feria color, haha we had a blast! The Feria color went on really smoothly and didn't smell bad at all!! It was only a 25 minute setting time as well :) Nia did my hair, and the Perfect 10 dye came with this even distributing comb for the dye bottle, and it was a totally easy process :) Neither of us had used boxed dye before!
This is us before the hair experiment began lol, sorry the picture didn't flip for some odd reason :(
And here's us waiting for the dye to set haha, the Perfect 10 color took only 10 minutes :)
We are both super thrilled with how well the color came out on our hair!! Tonight is Josh's birthday and I have a ton of surprises planned for him :) More updates tomorrow!

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