Wednesday, September 21, 2011

He gives me butterflies Pink Wednesday

Yesterday at Ulta, something amazing happened. For their 21 days of beauty, they were having a huge sale on Butter London nail polishes: Buy one get one FREE!!! Ok, so I always wanted to try these polishes, but couldn't justify spending $14 per bottle for one. AND I had a $3.50 off coupon for purchases of $10.00 or more..So that being said, I took Josh to the dentist yesterday and while he was getting worked on, I snuck off to Ulta...where I bought two bottles. I thought I had satisfied my polish addiction lol. One color I picked was purely on the name "La Moss" I wasn't sure how I would like the color, but didn't really care. ha! So for pink Wednesday I decided to go for a vintage traveling circus inspired theme :)
I decided to use my good ol' Katy Perry Black Shatter from OPI on my thumb, over three coats of Butter London Queen Vic. I was a little disappointed in the quality of the Butter polishes, they were extremely thin :( I did three coats on my mani, and probably could have used a 4th. I like having my accent nail being my thumb for once :) it's cute in my opinion!
I stamped the butterfly pattern on my nails with one of my BM plates :) using Butter London La Moss! and I actually really really love the rich vintage red color :)
The polishes I used for my mani :) OPI black shatter, Butter Queen Vic, Butter La Moss.
AND my fabulous Ulta haul (I had to go back later that night and score two more bottles!) I got Toff, Wallis Queen Vic, and La Moss..

Josh is working a double, so I won't see his face until Friday night! Sad, but at least I get to squeeze in some time to do "me" things, like spend a ridiculous amount of time looking through my polishes, and cleaning up the mess afterward! ha :)


  1. I got to my local ULTA 20 minutes after opening on the Butter London day and some lady had already come in and bought all their bottles. I was a bit peeved. Fortunately, though they had the two colors I really wanted. But still, I thought there was supposed to be a purchasing limit.

  2. Ugh, that would annoy me to no end! There should really have been a limit, that's just so rude of her to do! :( What colors did you get?