Monday, September 19, 2011

Facebook Official Nails

I was lucky enough to spend some much needed time with my man today :) One of the first things he said to me when I got to his house was "so I guess it's officially official" haha, since we finally came out on facebook with our relationship. Like I said in my post yesterday, we weren't making our relationship public on facebook for a few reasons, but yesterday I sent him a request to confirm our relationship, totally thinking he would ignore it. To my surprise, he messaged me on facebook and said "I got your request" my heart raced haha, then he goes "I confirmed it". I couldn't believe it!! I smiled super big, it's the small things in life that makes me happy lol. I'm glad that our relationship is finally "facebook official" even though we've been serious for a while now, it's nice to be able to proudly display that :P
ok ok, enough of my blabbering on to my nails! I used Sally Hansen HD nail color in BLU.. and I was awfully disappointed in this polish, it goes on very very very thin. I used 3 coats and I still feel its thin, I should have went for 4 coats.. Then on my ring finger I used my new Milani 3D holographic polish in HD!
I painstakingly hand painted the Facebook F logo using my Sally Hansen nail art pen in white, and the red heart with my left hand lol, using first my Art Deco Red glitter, and then going over it with Pure ICE Siren. I think they came out pretty well :)
Off to spend the evening with my man!!

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