Wednesday, September 14, 2011

EMS Nails for Pink Wednesday

I was studying for my EMT test last night, and was getting distracted by my nails and realized I needed to take a break from studying and change my polish! :) Since Josh is a paramedic, I was definitely in the EMS mood! I got my inspiration for this mani while surfing the web a little while ago, I wish I still had the inspiration picture so I could credit the artist! :( Anyway, I used two coats of Color Clubs black holo Revvvolution, and then painted the EKG heart beat on my nails, because my boy gives me a humming bird heartbeat! Painting the beat took a decent amount of time since I used a tooth pick to do it lol
And since there was no way I could repeat the process on my right hand using my useless left hand, I opted to try another of my new Kleancolor Holos, Chunk Holo Black :) I topped both hands off with a coat of SV, as you can see in the picture above the SV did cause a bit of srhinkage :(
Here are the polishes I used in all their glory :)
Then, I made a pit stop at walmart on my way home from my man's house, and of course had to look at their polishes, where I picked up these two beauties purely based on their names:
Rescue Me and Siren. Yea, my boy has me in an EMS mood <3

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