Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hot off the Press! Newspaper Mani

Josh picked up a shift at work yesterday, which gave me some unexpected time to what did I do?? Searched youtube for fun nail polish videos! One of my favorite nail enthusiasts to watch is Cute Polish. She does the most amazing, cute and quirky nail designs :) I've seen the news paper mani done before, but after watching a quick video on it, I decided to give it a shot!
I used one of my unnamed Color Club minis from a set that I picked up at ross a little while ago. I wish this color had a name because it is such a sweet gray/lavender. It was pretty sheer so I had to apply 3 coats to get it to a nice opaque finish. I made the mistake of putting a thin coat of SV on it before I started to apply the newspaper. Doing this caused the news paper print to transfer really lightly :( I know for next time to not apply a top coat before doing the transfer! I finished off the mani with a coat of SV to protect the news print from rubbing off.
This picture captured the color of the polish super well. It's a great fall color, and one that I would use again some time soon! :)
ALSO! some exciting news! My new nail plates arrived yesterday from Born Pretty!!! I received 16 image plates!! ahhh so excited!!

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