Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oil Slick, turned Purple gold

I completely forgot to take a picture of this mani with just the base coat :( I deeply apologize guys! But, I will say that it was a disappointing polish color! I got this AMAZING (in the bottle) Looking polish from essence, called Where Is The Party? Look at how awesome it looks in this picture, just like an oil slick:
Isn't it fantastic?! Well, when it was on my was...purple. And thats it. I was pretty disappointed. I did two coats of it, hoping for the oil slick effect to happen. Never did :( So! To make the mani more exciting, I used SH X-Treme Wear polish in Purple Gala. I never used this polish, but I've had it since December. I can't believe I hadn't used it! It's gorgeous!! Its a sheer deep purple with tons of small gold sparkle!
I Loved the layered effect it gave my nails. So much sparkle!! I finished the mani with a coat of SV.
The polish looked almost 3-D with the layers, reminded me of a galaxy :)

Blue Navy and my Best Friend

THIS is my best friend, Lisa, on the left, and me. I love this girl like crazy. We've been best friends for almost a decade. She's my rock, without a doubt. Lisa is in the NROTC and will be an officer in the Navy in a year!! (congrats girl!!) So, part of being in the NROTC requires that she goes on "cruises" every summer with the Navy, and this summer she's lucky enough to get to Japan! She left a little over a week ago and won't return home until July 8! Which makes me pretty sad :( So to celebrate Lisa and how proud I am of all of her accomplishments, I did a fun blue sparkle mani, since blue is her favorite color!!
I apologize for the horrrrrible lighting on this photograph, it was seriously impossible to get a decent picture of this awesome mani! I started with a base coat of Essence Denim Wanted! nail polish in Forever mine. It's a really gorgeous royal blue. I then topped it with 2 coats of a WalMart find (with Lisa of course!!) of Pure ICE in "Strapless" and BOY does this glitter shine!
This is the mani with 2 coats of SV over it. See how hard it was to get the sparkle without the flash? But I loved this mani, probably one of my favorites of the summer!!

Some Katy Perry Nail Shatter!

After I used my SH crackle, I had to compair it to my OPI Black Shatter. So I came up with this fun mani! I used one of my all time favorite polishes for the base color, Nicole by OPI in The Next CEO. This is seriously one of my favorite polishes. It goes on so smooth, and while it takes a few coats to really get that foiled gold look, it's completely worth it! So this is 3 coats of The Next CEO:
I waited for it to dry completely, and then went over it with OPI Black Shatter, I really like this formula of polish minus how thick it is. Sometimes I find that it dries super quick when I'm trying to cover my entire nail and I end up with bumps. But it still shatters better than SH Crackle in my opinion:

I'm Back I promise!

I am so sorry for my delay in posting! Life and summer caught up with me, I promise it won't happen again!! But while I wasn't posting on here, I was actively documenting my new manis!! For this mani I used my new CC polish in coo-coo-cachoo. This is the first CC polish I've ever tried, and I love the color!! I used 3 coats to get it to a bright rich hot orange. I went out and bought a few more CC polishes since! :) I then used SH new Cackle Overcoat in Fractured Foil for the shatter.
I actually really like the SH crackle, more than I originally thought I would! The contrast between these two colors isn't that strong, but I love the look! I had a ton of people doing a double take on my nails with this mani!