Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm feeling like the color purple

In my class at school, I teach the kids to tell me how they are feeling by identifying with a color. So if they are feeling angry, or mad they tell me they are feeling red, if they are happy normally they say they are feeling yellow or blue. I'm feeling a bit purple. How would I describe feeling purple? I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed but happy and strong. I've been super busy planning all sorts of Valentines activities for my kiddos in school, our theme for Valentines Day is "I mustache you to be my valentine" above is a sample picture of me wearing one of our class mustaches :) Anyway, on to the mani!
For Christmas, my awesome friend Nia bought me a TON of nail polishes and my first Rimmel polish! I was happily surprised at how awesome the formula for this polish is! It is a nice thick formula and the brush coats your nail super evenly. I used two coats of Wild Orchid for this mani, but I definitely could have gotten away with just one coat! This polish definitely one of my top favorites....and because I get bored easily, I first topped my mani with a thin swipe of one of my Nicole Justin Bieber mini polishes (which i sadly don't have a name for) and I thought it looked darling.
Then I was out shopping with my mom today and at Walgreens I stumbled upon TWO left over polishes for Wet n' Wild's Ice Baby collection!!! I was really excited *squee* I scooped them both up and added a splash of "Believe me, it's real!" onto my ring fingers. Topped with a thick coat of SV for shine :)
"Believe me it's real" is an awesome small blue glitter with larger purple glitter scattered throughout it. I absolutely LOVE the Ice Baby collection and wish I would have boughten them all when they first came out in October :( but at least I have 3 from the collection!

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