Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Car Radio yay!

I got soooo tired of my car stereo and its lack of an auxiliary input (look at it up there all smug in the picture), so the other day I went out and bought a new one at Best Buy. My conversation with the sales man went like this:
Me: I need a new car radio
Him: *points behind him* you came to the right place.
Me: Which ones light up pink?
Him: These *points*
Me: I'll take that one!
AND HERE IT IS AFTER! it's aqua in the picture, because it was flashing a rainbow of colors at me, that radio turns to 35,000 (yes THOUSAND) different colors. I enjoy its rainbow effect :D
Naturally, I am a female and therefore could not have installed this beast myself and had my bffl Ryan help me do it. Look at those wires, yea right I could have done that myself! Who are we kidding?
work in progress. I had the very important job of holding the screws after he took them off. I was terrified of what my car would look like, if it would ever be pretty again...thank god it was! :) He didn't let me down!

Annnnddd introducing Ryan. As you can tell from this picture, I picked him.


  1. Your last picture with Ryan is real funny! Haha! Well, congratulations on your new pink-lighted car radio. Does Ryan have an experience with electronics, in a sense? It looks like he did a pretty good job. Cheers to you and your BFFL, Em! :)

    [Naomi Champy]

  2. Your bffl, Ryan, must be the king of stereos for finishing the job real well! Since you had new stereo installed, you must be enjoying driving your car around town. The pink lights you chose must look pretty flashy at night. Turn the lights and the music on, Emily! Not too loud though. ^_^

    Stelle Courney

  3. The last picture looks hilarious and cute at the same time! Hahaha! Anyhow, you must’ve have been grateful to have your bffl by your side. They are usually experts when it comes to stuff like this. No hassle on your part, right? I wonder if he asked for food after he installed your stereo. Hehe! ;)

    Dewey Setlak