Monday, May 16, 2011

Lava Nails

I got to have a super fun girls night with my mom and puppy the other day since my dad went out of town! We took the opportunity to order chinese, watch Americas Next Top Model and paint our nails! I swatched my Sinful "Dream On" and I'll be honest, I hated it! It was a really thin forumul and it dried extremely matte for some reason. See the picture below, please excuse the messiness of the mani :P
So I seriously , seriously hated it...And felt that it was the perfect opportunity to try out my just arrived Nubar Polish in G188, and I LOVE IT!!! this polish is super fantastic! It was like painting lava on my nails, love love love it! I got it off of Amazon for around $8 shipped! Couldn't beat that!
Lots of new manis coming up!! In the process of switching over from my dell to my new macbook pro...and it's incredibly confusing!! <3

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