Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If you liked it....

then you shoulda put a ring on it! and Ryan did :P It's not an engagement ring or anything crazy like that, but just a small gift to show me how much he does care about me, and a promise to each other that we'll always be best friends.
As for my mani- I FINALLY used my Glee nail foils from Sephora that I got almost a year ago. They weren't the easiest things to put on. In fact they drove me insane! They wouldn't rip off at the ends the way the Sally Hansen nail polish strips do, so I physically had to cut and file each of these down and that took forever especially since they are foil.
Once on my nails the ends were incredible sharp and I felt like I couldn't touch my face or scratch myself for fear of getting a scratch or a cut haha! I mean they looked AMAZING and i got a ton of compliments on my mani!
They are definitely beautiful, and they lasted me 3 days before I couldn't take it any more and pulled them all off. They probably could have gone another day or two, so their lasting time was impressive to me since their packaging said they would only last a day or two.
Here are my left overs, for a view of the packaging...I completely forgot to take before and during pictures for this mani sadly :(


  1. I have to admit I thought it was an engagement ring. Haha it's a very nice promise ring.

  2. haha, sadly no :( but soon!! *eyebrow wiggle*