Saturday, April 30, 2011

Franken Polishes!

My semester is finally over!! Which means more time for posts! Tonight I had my absolute best friend over for a girls night!! Unsure of exactly what we wanted to do, we ventured to Ulta with our $5.00 off $10.00 or more coupon (heres the link to it!) We were looking at their deals on professional nail polish brands and could not find anything we were overly thrilled about....So We decided to make our own Franken polishes!!! We headed to the NYX section of Ulta (since its currently on sale buy 2 get 1 free) and picked out some pigments and glitters..then we hit up Essie for their 99 cent nailpolishes!

Here's our lot from Ulta! All this only cost us $11.27 Great deal :)

We created funnels out of scrap-paper to help put the pigments and glitter into the polish! Worked like a charm :) We watched Tangled and ate way too many snacks while creating haha.

Franked 1 modeled by my friend, Lisa! This is a combination of clear Essie nailpolish, NYX Ultra Pearl Mania (sorry the name got ripped off, but its a light turquoise blue!), and NYX Sparkling Glitter Powder in Summer Breeze. We called this one Mermaid!

Franken 2, modeled by me :) Clear Essie polish mixed with NYX ultra pearl mania in Grass Pearl and Sparkling Glitter Powder in Sour apple! I love the way this color turned out! It's so pearly and sparkley, I adore it! It also went on very smoothly.

My favorite Franken modeled by me, is amazing!!! We took clear Essie and added NYX Sparkling Glitter Powder in Disco Ball. This baby sparkles like diamonds..I'm actually still wearing it now, I should take another picture of what it looks like with two coats of SV over it...I can't stop staring at my nails with this polish on it! It is holographic but scattered not linear...But thats ok its gorgeous!

Another Franken made with olddddd Clear nail polish-I cant remember the brand off the top of my head and the bottle is across the room right now haha! I added NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in that forgotten blue color, and then added NYX Sparkling Glitter Powder in Sour Apple. This nail polish is to die for it! Its one of my new favorite colors of polishes :)

We made a few more Frankens but ran out of time for pictures :) I'll post them tomorrow! I'm also going to start posting swatches of my Sinful Colors polishes that I've been collecting thanks to the amazing Walgreens sale (99 cents!)


  1. I loooove the last one! Gorgeous color!

  2. thanks!! It has such a pearly sheen to it in person :)